About Us
Organizational profile
KIDS Karnataka is the official Social Service Organization of the Malankara Catholic Diocese of Puttur catering the needs of poor and deprived. It is one of the emerging NGO’s working in South India for the upliftment of marginalized farmers, women, children, SC/ST and disabled since 1979 and got registered in 2006 under the Society’s Registration Act 1860. The program area of KIDS spreads over 9 civil districts of Karnataka. The whole operational areas are divided into 3 regions and further in to 18 units or federations for effective participation and management of the activities. At present 300 community based organizations are catering the needs of 5000 poor and marginalized families
Our Mission
“Restoration of the dignity of marginalized section of the society by facilitating for the legitimate rights of the people”
Our Vision
“An integrally developed, just, peaceful and egalitarian society”